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Gimme an L.I.S.T.

June 7, 2011

My to-do list for the next 60 days:

  1. Be prom queen
  2. Star in a telenovela
  3. Make a million
  4. Become a comic book character
  5. Break a world record
  6. Go cheer leading
  7. Swap with Dolly Parton for the day
  8. Be an advice columnist
  9.  Live off the land
  10.  Waitress in a place where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came
  11. Discover an obscure talent… yours or mine
  12. Go on a talk show
  13. Record a single
  14. Unbend the Uri Geller spoon
  15. Invest
  16. Do a stand-up show
  17. Be a chorus girl
  18. Busk for a living
  19. Play on stage with a band
  20. Get to know Moss Hart
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