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Busk For A Living

June 9, 2011

June 9th, 2011 – Day 4

Busking debut: taking darkened empty street corners by storm

I’ve come to the USA armed with a harmonica. In fact my harmonica and my well being are intrinsically linked.

Y’see the plan is that if everything goes horribly wrong, if I run out of money or get into scrapes with the law etc. then a few minutes of harmonica playing will right all wrongs, make me tons of cash and get me out on bail. D’uh.

And apparently they’re short of harmonica players in Nashville and the ones they do have are awful. So Music City USA needs me. And in the next 60 days I will find time in my busy agenda to save it from its fate.

But Iris, you tin-eared Brit, who thinks the harmonica as a post modern accessory, how will you charm Nashville? I mean, you’re so bad you can’t even listen to yourself.

Well, that’s obvious! I’ll do exactly what I did yesterday and accost charming bands like The Creak when they’re on street corners, making sweet music and ask if I can join in. In fact, what I did was look at them sweetly and ask with a trembling voice if they could make my dreams come true. Only once they’d said yes did I jump on in with my harmonica, slap my thigh and make some very experimental sounds.

Note to anyone trying to conquer Americana in 60 days. Saying no if you ask for something sweetly with a trembling voice is as cruel as stepping on a new born pup.

And I’d like to let any doubters know that I got rave reviews from the invisible crowds on that dark street corner. To quote bassist Ryan Lim, “Nashville’s doomed, you’re going to clean them out of business”. Amen to that.

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