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Epiphanies and other forms of indigestion

June 16, 2011

Friends, friends of friends and people I ask nicely to read this. It’s been a tough week, there’ve been a few bumps in the road on my way to conquering Americana. Let’s call it indigestion.

Right now, I’m that character in a schlock movie that takes a metaphorical knock, turns to ice-cream for help and realises just before it’s too late that three scoops of cookie dough are not the answer.
The answer is broccoli, some Tums and a to-do list…

To do when the doing never ends

  • Check stats for number of injuries sustained from being on Gay Pride floats
  • Contact Jens Lekman for advice on writing witty and idiosyncratic songs
  • Plaster San Francisco in Americana list
  • Find out how the hell to get in touch with awesome but elusive underground radio station – Pirate Cat Radio
  • Post an ad on Craig’s List for wonderful and obscure talents
  • Make sure Craig’s List ad is void of any innuendo
  • Sift out people who might still see innuendo
  • Contact CheerSF for some splits-mentoring
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