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Living and Land: Urban Adamah

June 17, 2011

My quest to live off the land sent me to Berkley yesterday. Home to a university, Mrs. Robinson and Urban Adama

This laudable bunch have taken a former parking lot, with the agricultural potential of a former parking lot, and are turned it into a farm.

They’ve been tilling the land, i.e. the concrete, and even though it’s early days, they’ve got kale and eggs and two green houses and vegetable patches and fruit patches and bees. And once it’s all flowing with milk, honey and side salads, most of their produce will go to soup kitchens and food banks.

Apart from being fed well and welcomed warmly, I met a man who knows how to forage, a lovely lady who knows the entire universe and I got to make my own ice-cream.

Am I any closer to living off the land? Probably not, but other people are and that must rub off somehow.


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