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Lady List

July 14, 2011

You’re probably thinking that making your dreams come true is all fun, pom poms and apple pie. Well, it’s actually 70 % apple pie,  10% blood, 10 % sweat and 10% tears.  I’m not suggesting that it’s on a par with working in a cotton mill, just that occasionally I’d rather take a yoga class.

So last Friday I took a day-off from bumping into my destiny. But then I walked into Cafe Divis and sat down next to 5 answers all at once, disguised as a lovely girl called Liz with long-red hair and a Mac Book.

By now I can tell list-lovers a mile away and Liz definitely had the L-factor. So I asked her for directions to the Kabuki Spa and three hours later I’d found out about an African-American rodeo, a concert by Planet Booty and a job opening for a head-lice removal specialist.

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