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Iris – what the yeehaw did you do?

October 18, 2011

This summer I had 20 American dreams to crack and 60 days before my visa expired. I’d come from the UK to make a million, make a record, break a record, be prom queen… aged 28.  I wanted to see if, despite its woes, America is still the land where dreams come true.

Alone in a city of strangers,  I discovered that in the USA you can approach random people at baseball games, bus stops and restaurants, with a fanciful wishlist written in red felt-tip, and they’ll be happy to help.

In 60 days I went from being a clueless Brit to prom queen (on the first float at SF’s Gay Pride). Tim Ferriss helped me make a million, I came second in an attempt to break the record for milk crate climbing and I did a Yiddish remake of Dirty Dancing. Thanks to the kindness of politicians, drag queens and pizza throwers – all 20 of my dreams came true.

I learned that if you’re not afraid to ask… and you ask everyone… it might just happen.

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